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Our Mission

Help builders harness the power of real-time project data to
inform decisions that lead to better outcomes.

People First

We prioritize people, then products, then profits. 


Our best ideas emerge from listening and

Keep it simple

The simplest solution is generally the right one. We don't complicate things.

Our Story

Arta, the Co-Founder and CEO of Benchmarx, was facing a challenge

Arta has over 15 years of experience in construction management, engineering, entrepreneurship and innovation. He is passionate about working alongside trades to transform his clients’ vision into reality.

Co-Founder and CEO

The challenge

Arta was working as a construction manager at a massive firm when he inherited a $3 million claim from a subcontractor. Most of the job details were on paper: documents were misplaced, information was inaccurate, and signatures were missing. A dispute dragged on for two years—on the amount of work, the costs, the delays, and the lack of communication, all which took the project way over budget.

The solution

Faced with this enormous challenge, Arta came up with a simple solution: his company could have avoided most of the claim, entanglements, and legal fees by going digital!

Benchmarx is born

With the vision of a paperless job site, Arta worked with a team to build powerful digital tools for TimeCards and Time & Material tracking. Today, Arta’s team—and clients—are realizing an even greater value in going digital: gathering and analyzing real-time data that is now helping to inform project decisions at hundreds of job sites every day.

Our Careers

Come and build the future of construction with us.

EngineeringProduct DesignerToronto, ONOpen
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