Construction Analytics

Unleash the power of your project data today.



Business Analytics 

See how your costs and schedules are being affected.

Dashboards. Work with over 35 interactive templates to transfer your project data into easy-to-read and digestible reports. Quickly understand your financial risks, identify outliers, and take actions to correct performance issues.

Cost Forecasting. Project teams are often too late to recognize issues that cause significant cost overruns. With BenchMarx, our real-time modules will forecast project costs and catch the surprises before they happen! Keep track of budgets, quantities, percent complete, cost codes, and change orders all in a single easy-to-use module.

Included Features

Over 35 dashboard templates designed for both office and field staff. Monitor payments, quantities, schedules, timesheets, productivity, and more. 

  Cost Forecasting
Create stunning cost reports using real-time data points that collect and monitor daily costs, quantities, and change orders.

  Export Data
Our quick export feature makes sure you can access and analyze your data at any time.

Custom Analytics

Fully customizable to meet your company’s needs.

Predictive Analytics. Make predictions about unknown future events or current operations before your costs spiral out of
control. Our advanced predictive modeling provides your project staff with the tools to make the right decisions at the right moment, to avoid schedule delays and cost over-runs.

Production Tracking. Take control of labor costs by using real-time data from the field to improve your schedule, productivity, and overall profitability. Our dashboards let you monitor daily profit & loss, labor trends, productivity and outliers from problem areas.

Included Features

  Predictive Cost
Don’t let cost overruns become the norm on your projects; spot production issues and regain control of your finances and keep your projects within budget.

  Production Tracking
Use real-time data from field staff to monitor labor productivity. 

  Data Library
Our Data Library provides
access to critical information about materials, equipment, and labor rates. Use it for bids or to verify pricing. 

Easily choose and refine
your key performance indicators (KPIs) and dashboards to monitor performance.

  Weekly Summaries
Keep all stakeholders
informed by providing weekly summary reports that provide essential milestones on financials, schedule activity, and change orders.

  Data Integration
Connect and integrate your
BenchMarx data to your existing Business Intelligence (BI) tools. Access your own data for analysis at any time.

Data Strategy

A comprehensive strategy that will put your data to work.

Your Future. Data generated in the field
is essential to increasing profitability. Our data analytics consulting services will help you build a strategy that makes the best use of your data.

Our simple 3-step process will leave you with the data strategy you need for your business:


 Process audit 
We’ll analyze your tools and processes and then help you come up with the questions you need your data to answer.


 Implement tools and reports 
Our data experts will implement the tools you need to capture project data, and then we’ll create custom reports for you to derive the intelligence to make key project decisions.


Put your data to work 
Use custom dashboards to get real-time intelligence that will help deliver your projects on budget and on time!