Gain visibility into operations and enhance decision making.



Increase Transparency

Improve the accountability, accuracy, and transparency of all financial matters related to construction.

Gain Data

Know exactly why and how changes occur, and then use that information to accurately plan your project for success.


Implement our tools across your projects and get live updates from your Contractors when changes occur on the job site, allowing you to make immediate, informed decisions.

Who uses BenchMarx?

Owner's implement BenchMarx across their projects to receive live updates of changes on the job site. Keep reading to see what Owners appreciate most.

Owner's Reps

Who require immediate notification when issues occur on the job site.

VPs of Construction

Who overlook multiple projects and expect predictable results.


Who need to check, verify,
and sign off on additional work.


Who use a data-base of labor, material and equipment to verify bids and unit pricing.

Claim Managers

Who check contractor claims for accuracy and ensure payments are valid.


Who demand accurate forecasts across the organization to ensure healthy profits.