Complete your projects on time and on budget.



Reduce Paperwork

Don't let paperwork and physical timecards hold you back. Digitize your field work information and collect critical data points along the way.

Maintain Schedule

Project delays may be inevitable, but when you combine the right tools with a solid data strategy, you can mitigate them.

Cost Recovery

Get paid on time by keeping your field teams connected to the office using our mobile solutions, which improve the accuracy and speed of your change work. 

Who uses BenchMarx?

How much of your day is spent chasing clients for signatures, waiting for
approvals, and walking to and from the trailer to drop off timecards? With the
BenchMarx App, spend less time on paper and more time on building.


Who are required to fill out timecards and change orders, and who record extra work on the job site. 

Field Labor

Who fill out timecards for payroll and require sign off from foremen each day.

Project Engineers

Who are required to summarize timecards, payroll, extra work, and change orders on the job site.

Project Managers

Who are concerned with labor productivity, production rates, and equipment usage.

Project Directors

Who require accurate and up-to-date forecasts for jobs and need to understand their financial risks.


Who require access to a database providing accurate labor, equipment and material
pricing to win bids.