An intuitive time-tracking solution that just works.



For the Field

An easy-to-use digital timecard for the worksite.

Increase Production.  Our digital timecards are designed to let field staff reduce the amount of time they spend on paperwork. Crew members will easily select tasks, choose cost codes, and record hours to track production rates and budgets.

Mobile Features

  Smart Search 
Foremen and site staff can swiftly search and add employees and crews by name, position, or ID.

  Daily Reports
Create reports by adding field notes, photos, and even invoices to your time timecards.

Add and track overtime hours for all crew members.

Remind your crew members to fill out their time cards with mobile push notifications.

Built-in signatures and approvals. No more sitting around waiting for a timecard to get signed.

cloud_off  Offline mode 
Working in a remote area or a subway tunnel? We got you covered with a built-in offline mode that allows you to keep working.

For the Office

 Integrate data seamlessly and produce helpful reports.

Seamless integration.  BenchMarx TimeCards is a highly configurable cloud-based system to meet your specific needs. Use it to quickly process payroll, and then use the data to produce helpful reports and analyses.

Web Portal Features

Zoom in and view your project performance through our customizable dashboards. The perfect snapshot for the day!

Automatic reports will measure your crews’ productivity and let you know if there are slow downs along the way.

  Track budgets
Track actual, planned, and remaining labor hours to ensure you are staying on budget.

Spot productivity issues in real-time with our live-feed feature for all projects

Rely on a configurable database to track wages, union dues, vacation pay, and labor burdens.

Export out to any accounting software using a range of export files or through a custom API.