General Contractors

Reduce risk and improve overall project delivery.



Reduce Risk

Keep informed of all changes on the job site and identify problems in real-time to avoid costly Time & Material work by your Subcontractors.

Collect Data

Collect valuable data from your Subcontractors on their labor, equipment, and material pricing.

Gain Insights

Gain insights into productivity, schedules, and costs, which allow you to finish your projects on time and within budget. 

Who uses BenchMarx?

BenchMarx's solutions are transforming the way General Contractors manage work. Keep reading to see what users appreciate most.


Who sign off on foremen's timecards and monitor subcontractor performance to maintain schedule. 

Project Engineers

Who summarize and prepare timesheets, invoices, and billing reports to be submitted to clients. 

Project Managers

Who rely on accurate forecasts, require up- to-date information on delays in the field, and monitor subcontractor claims

Project Executives

Who require a dashboard view to monitor the budget and schedule of various projects within the company.

CIOs and CTOs

Who are interested in collecting valuable field data that will generate new insights and help drive company profits.

BIM or VDC Managers

Who turn field data into viewable insights and BIM models in order to reduce risk on design and increase project delivery.