Time & Material

An end-to-end solution for tracking, reporting, and approving Time & Material work. 



Control Time & Material Work

For the Field

A mobile app to help your foremen capture Time & Material changes on-site.

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For the Office

A platform for your PM's to receive, review and submit financial changes for payment in real time.

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For the Customer

Increase transparency and improve workflows with our mobile and web interface for your Customer Reps.

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For the Field

A paperless Time & Material tracking tool for your field staff.

Capture Changes. Extra work? Design changes? Unknown conditions? Proceed with confidence and, equip your foremen, superintendents or field engineers with the easy-to-use Time & Material app. Empower them to quickly add changes involving labor, equipment, materials and even sub-tier vendors!

Mobile Features

  Smart Search 
Foremen and site staff can easily search for labor, equipment, materials & subs at their fingertips.

  Photo Capture
Add field notes, photos and invoices to your Time & Material forms right on your phone.

Trust up-to-date unit rates and material pricing with our powerful and easy-to-use database.

  Push Notifications 
Built-in push notifications to remind your staff to submit their work on time.

  Signature Approvals 
Built-in signature capture and approvals. Have your customers
sign off and approve your change work.

cloud_off  Offline Mode 
Working in a remote area or a subway tunnel? Don't worry, we got you covered with a built-in offline mode that allows you to keep working.

For the Office

Gain visibility from the field to the home office.

Create Invoices. Stay connected and facilitate cost recovery with all changes on-site from our cloud-based portal. Instantly summarize and convert your Time & Material sheets into flawless invoices. 

Web Portal Features

Customize your forms , labor, equipment, materials, profits, and burden rates with a user-friendly system. 

  Billing Export
Export invoices, time-sheets and data into any billing software through our export feature.

Customize dashboards, cost-forecasting tools, and KPIs to meet project needs.

See exactly where your money is being held up. Our built-in workflows allow you to track and monitor your invoices and timecards.

Get notified instantly of changes on the job site with our built-in email notifications and alerts.

cloud_queue  Cloud-Based
Access our secure cloud to tap into your project information from wherever you are. 

For the Customer

Involve your customers to improve cost recovery.

Cost Recovery. BenchMarx improves the Time & Material workflow with your customers by increasing visibility, reducing administrative time, and improving the
accuracy of invoices to facilitate cost recovery.

Web Portal Features

  KPIs & Metrics
View critical project metrics and KPIs using powerful dashboards and data analytic modules.

  Mobile Approvals
Give field inspectors or customer reps our mobile app to approve
timecards in the field.

Don't be left out in the dark. Get notified right away of any changes
that occur on the job-site that will affect the schedule or budget. 

Consistent and easy-to-read invoices from all your contractors in one centralized system.

Export your contractor's invoices to your accounting software.

  Predictive Costs
Know exactly how much your owner changes will cost you before you finish the job using our predictive cost module.