A Simple Time & Material Platform for the Job Site

Increase your team's productivity by digitizing your field data today.


time and material mobile app


Mobile timecards for your foremen and onsite crews.

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Time &

Receive and review financial changes from the job site in real time.

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Gain insight into project performance and mitigate delays and costs overruns.

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Meet Our Select Users

Helping owners, general contractors, and subcontractors digitize their field data.

Why BenchMarx?

BenchMarx's data-driven solutions are transforming the way construction teams work.  Watch what our customers appreciate most.


Streamline your payroll process and submit timecards from the field in seconds.

Digitize field data

Keep track of production rates, labor hours, pictures and field notes on any mobile device.
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Optimize productivity

SubsGC's, and Owners can each view field data across all projects through a seamless and transparent system.

Simplify payroll

Our cloud-based solutions will integrate with your existing payroll system, allowing foremen to instantly submit timecards.

Time & Material

A paperless solution to reduce risk and improve cost recovery of changes on the job site. 

Capture changes

Track labor, material, equipment and sub-tier vendors on a simple yet powerful app, and never lose documentation again.

Manage finances

Create flawless invoices, attach supporting documentation, and collect digital approvals through our cloud-based system. 

Cost recovery

Take advantage of our full set of features to significantly improve turnaround time and increase cash flow.

Construction Analytics

Dig into details with end-to-end visibility from the field to the office.

Real-time insights

Custom dashboards provide real-time insights into productivity, production rates, budgets and unit rates.

Actionable intelligence

Use your data to increase productivity and identify problem areas so that you can get ahead or get back on track.

Cost forecasting

Identify outliers and create accurate forecasts using  predictive analytics.